Work Report January/February Canada_Ambassador

Hello NULS community,

January and February were good months, I was talk with a couple of investors in Colombia and Canada. They are interested on how we can solve solutions implementing NULS blockchain in their ecosystem. (Alianza Blockchain Colombia)

Otherwise most of people don’t know about staking NULS so I did around 5 virtual meetings explaining a choice for earning more income, I called it: ‘Switcha’ that consists in swap FIAT currency for NULS and lock up 2K NULS for a determinate period of time giving 10 % more of rewards from my node and they will explore POCM ecosystem, chain factory, our community etc.

I wrote and translated documents in French and Spanish language. I’m still working in NULS Blockchain Course(Academy).

I bought t-shirts, masks, caps, cups, stickers etc. to promote visibility marketing
as gifts for volunteer participation.

I will do an airdrop (from my wallet) after a small meeting expected on 31st March.

I shared NULS activitites in social networks and I was doing a video this month but I was diagnosticated with covid-SaRS(I’m fine) and I couldnt work on it as I’d wished, looking forward to retake my tasks.


*Clothes: 1556
*Transport: 220
*Airdrop: 300