Work report for the oktober, imamsan NULStar Indonesia

I would like to thank the NULS community for providing the opportunity to join this extraordinary community and have given me trust and responsibility over the years. Thanks also to @steventuong, @Aurora, @Berzeck and other core teams for the support that has been given.

To improve the nuls community in Indonesia, I created an AMA event in collaboration with @Berzeck in nuls Indonesia, the purpose of holding this activity is to provide education to the community so that they can understand more deeply about NULS. And socialize to the community regarding the progress of what NULS has made to date. The following is a poster of AMA Nuls Indonesia.


When each government in various countries begins to issue policies to make life in the post-COVID-19 era suitable for everyone, I will try to balance activities between online and offline by meeting and greeting the Indonesian nuls community and inviting cryptocurrency leaders, blockchain, influenzer and the Indonesian market place. hopefully covid-19 will pass quickly.
below the nuls indonesia community

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