Work report for the November, Imamsan NULStar Indonesia

I want to thank the NULS community for giving me the opportunity to join this wonderful community and for giving me their trust and responsibility over the years. Thanks also to @Aurora and @Berzeck and the rest of the core team for their support.

November is quite busy for my personal life, because there are general elections that are held simultaneously in all regions in Indonesia. I respect and I participate in it as the implementation team, I apologize for the delay in this November performance report.

I keep trying to collaborate and communicate to give our full support to this project without compromise, such as the existing exchange exchanges in Indonesia indodax, digitalexchange and huobi Indonesia. The last one I also talked to the owner tribelio. Tribilio is a digital marketing platform that is currently trending in Indonesia which is currently developing.

According to my work report in October I have talked about AMA nuls Indonesia, In November this AMA NULS Indonesia is in progress, Thanks to @Berzeck for filling our AMA event successfully.

You can read the AMA transcript below:

I continue to use Various social media to spread Nuls News and other important information. Almost all Nuls news is shared on Twitter, telegram, and medium Nuls Indonesia. I will find even more efficient ways to develop Indonesia’s NULS so that Indonesia’s NULS can be improved in the future. if the core team has suggestions to help advise on NULS development in Indonesia, you can contact me on telegram ID: @imam_san or email thanks for your support, the core team, especially without you I am not who.

Thank you so much all members of Nuls

NULStar indonesia

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