Work report for the Desember, Imamsan NULStar Indonesia

I want to thank the NULS community for giving me the opportunity to join this wonderful community and for giving me their trust and responsibility over the years. Thanks also to @Aurora and @Berzeck and the rest of the core team for their support.

Month December really sees bitcoin the king of crypto starting ATH again, and in 2021 let’s celebrate with the success of NULS from all sectors, in terms of price let’s try together, hopefully in 2021 investors can smile seeing the increase in NULS.

I keep trying to collaborate and communicate to give our full support to this project without compromise, such as the existing exchange exchanges in Indonesia, indodax, digitalexchange, and huobi Indonesia.

The next progress, Berzeck and I will have a meeting with new partner candidates Nuls TRIBELIO and CIPHER after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Review a little about TRIBELIO and CIPHER.

  1. TRIBELIO is a digital marketing platform that is currently trending in Indonesia which is growing. Link web


  1. CIPHER is a Utility Token for the Crypto Community to create a unified ecosystem business.
    product: cipher zap, cipher wellness, token cipher, cipher exchange, cipher talk, cipher market capitalization, lifestyle cipher and cipher holidays. web link. link web

I continue to use Various social media to spread Nuls News and other important information. we share all the latest Nuls news on Twitter, telegram, medium Nuls Indonesia. Thank you for your support.

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