Won a giveaway on twitter, lost my private key

Hey yo. I won a giveaway on twitter - 50 nuls 150 nvt under the username BusinessGuy16 and with this nuls adress NULSd6HgistYNGkPz2MdKAkzYqPDyDDkGqTq8 - I lost my private key, and cant acesses my account - but i got this new account NULSd6HgYYL66kYoPxZ2zBj7tgo23EYP2fFh4 - is it possible to restore my old account or are it a dead project ?

Which wallet do you use?
Nabox and Web wallet is multi-account, can you see your old address in the wallet?

Hey - i can only find my public key - NULSd6HgistYNGkPz2MdKAkzYqPDyDDkGqTq8