VOTE P. out of the Marketing VP position

When asked to hire a professional marketing expert, NULS hired P.

Mind you. he is a volunteer that isn’t being paid. What kind of marketing executive would work for free?

Even with his short work timeframe, results are clear and it is clear that the focus is not in the right place.
With his unintellectual speaking skills and terrible grammar, no one can take him seriously.

He continues to preach that since he came on board in March, price has gone from $0.09 to $0.27. I don’t think he realizes that in the blockchain space, BTC value is a thing. NULS has lost over 70% btc value since March.

He continues to shill NULS in the worst way possible, even in the chat he stated that we will be having a yacht party in Q4. The changed marketing approach of releasing announcement of announcement (Justin Sun’s approach) is a very bad path and we can see that people are not surprised by news and it is reflective on the price.

The lack of knowledge and false hope that he continues to give investors… It is truly disgusting and shows his incapability to stand away from his own delusions.

Again, no marketing expert/executive will ever work for free. I know NULS loves being cheap and saving money on everything, but this has just been one of the worst moves I’ve seen.