Vibook Report 09/2021

It is with satisfaction that we present the advances of Vibook Week in the context of our work and for the VIBOOK authoring registration service:


-> In the administrative module, all payment flow is normalized
-> Progress of the new registry page with new rebranding application
-> Domain settings / Normalizations VIBOOK.IO in progress
-> PDF Registration Generation Progress with New Rebranding Application
-> New Dev Front Onboarding to assist rebranding
-> Registry details page finalized with new rebranding application
-> Adjustments in the new site responsiveness with new rebranding application

We approach the final phase of finance and NFT and soon we will be posting our roadmap, site launch and new brand VIBOOK

Thanks and we ask for the support of the whole community. It is very important for our development and growth, we thank all the support received, especially through POCM.
The next week will be full of activities and we are already looking forward to sharing our advances with all of you