Vibook Report - 05/2021

Vibook Report 06/2021

It is with satisfaction that we present the advances of the week of vibook in the scope of our work and for the copyright registration service Vibook:


It is with satisfaction that Vibook announces its participation in Lavaswap (, by Houbi ecochain (HECO)
From 6/4 at 10 p.m. (Beijing time), 25,000 Vibooks will be placed in rewards on each of the following pairs, daily:
Pledge VIBK - LAVA - LP, Get VIBK "
The duration of the mining will be 10 days!
You can learn more from the link
If you have any questions, please contact us


Sprint 20
-> Continuity of exchange for new layout
-> Now in the adminstrative in the customer details there is a part of notices in case the customer has not confirmed the email or has not accepted the terms of acceptance
-> Adjustment in package payment modeling to track the amount paid
-> List of payments made by a customer
-> Beginning of the analysis of KYC platforms

We appreciate and ask for the support of the whole community. It is very important for our development and growth, we thank everyone for the support received, mainly through POCM.

Next week will be full of activities and we are already looking forward to sharing our progress with all of you.