Vibook Report 02/2020

We apologize for the delay in sending the newsletter, but a lot has happened since January, a lot of mishaps but also a lot of work that is beginning to appear.

Vibook Marketing - In February of this year, the strategy line began to be designed, and it was decided to reach the main consumers: Authors and Readers. That is why vibook started since March a series of actions aimed at cultural dissemination, producing videos and starting a network of authors.

We acquired integration tools, aiming at improving the marketing channels and repositioning the vibook brand to the market, the work is hard but we are achieving good results.
At the same time designing and starting the execution of the vibook club, initially being a content production club, with vibook as the main maintainer of the actions.

On the publishing side, our commercial presentation plan was completed and contacts started. But what was surprising was the receptivity of cultural institutions to support certain modalities of literature, institutions that would only be reached in the second half of 2020.

Below we list the main partners in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčculture, who will work so much in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčheritage rescue cultural, digitalization and also registration of works on the blockchain to prove authorship.

Editora Cogito - It is in the pre-production stage for 27 collections that will deal with poetry in the 27 sub-regions of Bahia

Editora Coqueiro - In the process of surveying authors and collection for digitization.

Capibaribe Channel - regional television channel, divulged vibook and today puts itself as a partner for cordel - Company in partnership with the government of Brazil in terms of registrations, our partnership aims at the dual performance and use of blockchain to complement records and proof of authorship.
Cordel Improvisado - Cultural Association focused on popular culture, its initiative is in the promotion of culture through writing, as well as the maintenance of 4 webradios.

Cordel Academy of Vale do Paraíba - The Partnership aims to digitize content, rescue cultural heritage and authorial registration.

Academia Brasileira de Cordel - We are in contact and evolving, soon we will have more news.
Vibook Actions - Even in times of crisis, the founder has been providing solidarity to small traders, indicating best practices and even assisting in the migration to electronic commerce for free.
Also Initiative In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčmarketing and partnerships assisting the https: //ajudej√°.org - a platform aimed at assisting the population at risk, placing those who can help in direct contact with those in need, providing food, medicines and other types of humanitarian aid.

Vibook Development - With the delay we had, we are already in the middle of the first phase for Notary and soon we will have the service for beta users. As well as the creation of the vibook directory, which will be interconnected with Notary, thus enabling unification of information and sales promotion for content producers.

The vibook 2.0 platform is advancing and soon we will have the temporary deactivation of and start of migration to the new environment.

Swap - We will start on April 11th the change from the old vibooks (VBK) to the vibook token, this action aims to be the first step in the modernization of vibook’s blockchain services and aims to have a fully operational blockchain by the end of the year and for commercial use.
Funds - We continue with the goal and the funds remain unscathed, our goal is to extend the maximum not to use them and only use them for real needs.

Exchange - As mentioned above, we are keeping the funds unused and for this reason we started to study the entry into a new exchange, Vindax, but we also affirm that we are looking for more exchanges to bring liquidity to the currency.

Repurchase - It is still our goal to repurchase and part of our strategy is precisely to repurchase the vibooks in the hands of the holders, but we postponed what would be the execution for the month of March and we set the deadline for the beginning of June, this measure aims to bring together a more substantial amount but also bring more sustainability to the project.

Services - Vibook started to open editorial services since March, aiming only to gather and prepare authors and academics for consumption of the vibook suite.

Provision of copyright services - Digitalization, monitoring of works, distribution and registration of authorship. We started our promotion with cultural collectives, institutions and publishers, seeking to strengthen the use of technology and consumption of products.

Authorial Marketing - Creation of simple plans for disclosing authors.
Vibook Club - Club of authors for dissemination and creation of content, thus generating a flow of services and content.

What lays ahead? Despite a troubled start to the year, much can still be done and our focus will be directed to attract the largest number of authors and academics, activating our partners as well as resuming the steps that were being taken within UFRPE through the incubation program.

Incubatec / Ufrpe (rural federal university of Pernambuco) - as a main part of our currency use strategy. Our focus is to attend academic production, initially generating the digitization for posterior registration and proof of authenticity for scientific articles, the registration of diplomas and proof of their authenticity will be on the agenda in the near future.