Vibook News 2021/4

Vibook Report 04/2021

We are pleased to present the advances of vibook week within the framework of our works and for the vibook author registration service:

Sprint 18
-> 320 - Adjustment in the complication pipeline
-> the administrative system is now in the AzureDevops pipepline, automating its build and publish
-> 316 - Login Admin
-> The administrative system can only have access to who has administrator role

Sprint 19
-> 326 - File lock for download
-> now in the registry details, you can enable file download or disable
-> 327 - Customer Details
-> In the administrative part it is now possible to view

With Swap Finalized, we are in a final study plan for NFT applicability and use of BSC to increase vibook’s business.

A study is being made for the tokenomics part of the project, where in the next two weeks we will have the feasibility for exchanges and other forms of trading, as well as strategic partnerships in the crypto environment.

We appreciate the support of the entire community. It is very important the support received, especially through POCM.

Next week will be full of activities and we are already looking forward to sharing our advances with all of you