TURKEY Report (September-October)

Hi NULS Community,

Summary of my two-month work;

*I’ve Published 8 stories about Nuls.

*I spoke to two investors over Telegram who invested in Nuls.I told them to keep it in their hands long-term.

*The Telegram group has come more active and is moving forward.

*I had the opportunity to meet the CEO of Okex, I introduced myself as the leaders of Nuls Turkey and asked for support.Twitter follows me, too.

Thank you for your support…


:clap::clap::clap::clap::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: Nice!






*我多次与Okex的CEO Jay交谈,向他介绍我的土耳其大使身份,并和他分享NULS在土耳其社区的欢迎度,寻求他的支持;Jay 在Twitter关注并与我互动。

(悄悄的说,我们与大使保持联系,九十月Emre感染了新冠,卧病在床期间也一直保持和Jay,社区的互动联系。这是我们的土耳其大使 :hugs: