Turkey Ambassadors Q1 for 2022

Hi Everyone,

  • Create NULS awareness and shared project information
  • I have provided support for possible cooperation opportunities
  • I helped create a local NULS community
  • I am passionate about NULS and have created trust through decentralized systems
  • I helped to form technically focused thoughts (although a technical background is not required)
  • Be friendly, outgoing, humble and helpful
    I’ve been role
  • I gave speeches at events on behalf of NULS
  • Be a resource for those who want to learn about NULS
  • I connected others with the NULS core team and related people in the ecosystem
  • I have collected and shared feedback to the NULS core team

What I’ve done on the web

I participated in the Nerve project on the web, I made a place on my website, I made people aware,
I created a strong traffic on Nabox from my website and redirected people to the Nabox project.
I made sure that the Stock Exchange CEOs my followers, whom I have interacted with on twitter about Nuls /Nerve / NABOX, saw it directly by making likes and comments.
I asked the CEO of OKEx about Nabox and received the answer “Nabox wallet is one of the partners of OEC”.
I have written more than 216 news/analyses about Nuls.
We have worked on Nabox Turkish language support with Aurora.

I am very strong on behalf of Nuls in my country I am waiting for your support to organize larger investors and events.


We have left behind a year. I believe that 2022 will be much more productive and exciting for both us and Nuls. Our work continues. We will reach more people and introduce Nuls to more investors. Thank you all for your support.
Best regards

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