Turkey Ambassadors in the Q2 quarter of 2020

Hi Community,

Q2 Goals

  • To raise more awareness about Nuls and share project information
  • Providing support for possible cooperation opportunities
  • Expand a local Nuls community
  • Creating trust through nuls-passionate and decentralized systems
  • Technically focused (although a technical background is not required)
  • Being friendly, humble and helpful
  • Speaking at events on behalf of Nuls
  • Participating in relevant meetings and other community events
  • To be a resource for those who want to learn about Nuls(*We’ve achieved close to 100,000 views with more than 30 Haver Twitter interactions in 90 days just for nuls)

    -Helping interested investors connect with interested people in the Nuls core team and ecosystem (We are now in contact with 2 local stock exchange and to contact more local stock exchange, continue the news broadcasts I have published on)
  • Collect and share feedback with Nuls core team
  • Coordinating with other ambassadors
  • Help for new ambassadors
    (People who wanted to run in my country started communicating with the Reaper.Competition is a nice event for Nuls shows you’ve done successful work)

I expect everyone’s support , I want to work harder for the NULS.