TOM Token is the world's first physical pet NFT auction platform

TOMToken—TOM Token is the world’s first physical pet NFT auction platform. | TOM Token是全球首个实体宠物NFT拍卖平台

Synopsis| 简介

TOM Token is the world’s first physical pet NFT auction platform, through the chain genealogy system for permanent registration of physical pets, pet reproduction and income to achieve NFT dividends. Salute the classic.Every single Tom Token is a memory of childhoodand and deserves to be put in your wallet as a souvenir or a gift for a friend. At the same time, the TOM community will also fully circulate TOM Token.
TOM Token是全球首个实体宠物NFT拍卖平台,通过链上族谱系统对实体宠物进行永久登记,对宠物繁衍后代而产生收益实现NFT分红。致敬经典,每一枚TOM都是童年回忆,值得所有人放在钱包里作为纪念品或送给朋友作为礼物。同时TOM社区也将全面流通TOM Token。


2021.06 Start Round A and B financing
2021.06 Launch early promotion activities.
2021.06 Sign the first pet partner.
2021.06 NFT V1.0 Test online.
202107 Start Community Round financing
2021.07 PubliTestof NEtTetNetwork
2021.07 NFT official online.
2021.07-08 Starts the first round of auction.
2021.08 Introduce a number ofpet partners.
2021.08 Launch public offering.
2021.08 Negotiations for listing on the Stock Exchange.
2021.09 NFTV2.0

2021.06 启动A、B轮融资
2021.06 开展前期推广活动。
2021.06 签下第一个宠物伙伴。
2021.06 NFT V1.0 上线测试。
202107 启动社区轮融资
2021.07 NETTetNetwork 公测
2021.07 NFT 正式上线。
2021.07-08 开始第一轮拍卖。
2021.08 介绍多位宠物伙伴。
2021.08 启动公开发售。
2021.08 洽谈在联交所上市。
2021.09 NFTV2.0


TOMToken will be launched on the NULS POCMP platform at 20:00 on July 20th. You can pledge NULS to obtain TOM tokens.

TOMToken,于7月20日晚20:00上线 NULS POCMP平台,届时可以质押NULS获得TOM代币

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