Thoughts on the delusional community

It was 2019 March when the community and admins pressured me to sell my NULS token. Any questions/criticism I had was considered whining and they kept telling me to sell and move on.

Back in March, I sold all my NULS @ 0.0001872 SATS. Currently it is sitting at 0.00001274.

After I sold, any time I talked, the community was telling me: “He is only complaining because he sold the bottom, blah blah blah”.
Clearly we can see that if I held my NULS till now like a lot of the delusional people, I would be sitting at 1/10 of what I have right now.

It’s funny seeing the community still telling people to sell, he’s complaining because he sold early… How long will the delusion continue?

After every little pump, you have P. winking at the community saying big things are coming. But after 1-2 days, the pump retraces back below the ATL. Currently sitting close to the ATL 0.00001274.

I want to first thank Joao and some of the past team members because they pushed me to sell last year. If not for them, I would be stuck at similar situation as Corrado and some of the older folks in the telegram.

Also, thanks for letting me profit off of all these little pump and dumps. Maybe it is the core team and couple of smart traders that are preventing bigger pumps and taking liquidity from delusional holders.

With these kinds of high sell pressure + core team selling off NULS every month (because their salary is paid in NULS) the price of NULS will never be able to “organically grow”. This false organic growth was preached since early 2019 mind you. Zoom out every once in a while and see the Weekly (1W) chart ^^

Please keep holding so we can benefit from these little pump and dumps!

Thanks and nuls on!