The best Youtube videos about Crypto and the best Crypto Youtube Influencer in my personal opinion — Domscrypto

Hello everyone. My name is Danail Stefanov. I am from Bulgaria and I am involved in Crypto since 2017. The most important things for me when I started with Crypto few years ago was Education,Information and watching a lot of Youtube videos connected with Crypto. So at the moment a lot of videos are out there but not all of them are good. That’s why I watch only the videos from Domscrypto — very good information in them,excellent explanation,going deep in every Crypto project in his videos. And that’s why in my opinion he is the best Youtube Crypto Influencer. And actually not only Youtube cause he is trying to get people involved in Crypto in Twitter and Telegram as well.

Dom was so nice to share some personal information about him with me:

“Stared off in late 2016, one of my friends introduced me to Ethereum which I was about to buy for 6 USD a piece (I was about to get 5000 usd worth but I was too scared to pull the trigger) I bought a little amount and started mining in early 2017, after that I discovered crypto twitter and started making videos on YouTube, not too often but I was making some, I combined my love for marketing and crypto together and moved to Berlin in mid 2018 to work as a marketing manager for a crypto project called BlockState, that didn’t last too long (6 months) after which I connected with Ian friend on twitter and quickly became a CMO at Ferrum Network and have been there ever since, I was trading crypto throughout 2019 and started making regular crypto content in 2020. The mission is to end 2020 by being in the elite of crypto influencers, what separates me from others is the fact I’m active on all platforms, YouTube, Twitter, telegram, Instagram and now even experimenting with TikTok to bring as many people into crypto and educate them.”

Dom’s videos about NULS:

Enjoy watching :slight_smile: