Spanish Ambassador October/November Report

Hello community!

As promised in my last candidacy I have finished the two points that I still had to finish.

  1. The renewal of the website.

Since July the number of visits has been growing every month. 55 AVG/day visits this month, mostly from america latin countries. I will look for more ways to increase traffic and closing small things.

  1. The publication of Nuls-related posts in a well-known newscast.

They will continue to publish articles related to Nuls (except job reports atm and non-text). Contests and similars will be “boosted” as happened with the Stake-A-Thon.

  • Usuals daily ToDo’s: interaction with Nuls RRSS, translation of the latest news, medium, support, etc./ Added & configured Telegram bots in the spanish group to make it safer & oriented.

  • We have reached +500 followers this month. To encourage them to join the telegram channel, a draw for 300 Nuls will begin next Monday.

  • After having a bad month, numbers have returned to normal. Hope they double with the next draw.

*There is still no new information for the face-to-face congress that I usually comment. Hope it really gets done in December and I can represent Nuls again

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