Social Media Promotor for NULS staking

Engagement Agreement for Sara

I ______________ agree to maintain a contract (smart contract) on a NULS Node where I will be a social media promoter on various platforms, specializing in Twitter and Youtube. I will accept 500,000 NULS staked in a personal node to pay me rewards directly (Same contract continued), to retain my services whereby the contract will give rewards in NULS for my promoting skills/ services over the NEXT 90 DAYS.

NULS Wallet Address: NULSd6HgjLRvbscfvfce8URaEF12eep72UWue
Resident of England

Telegram ID: @AltcoinSara

Twitter ID: @AltcoinSara


Normal Schedule to start January 7, 2022

3 Videos Per Week to be uploaded to YouTube (varying in Length up to 15 Minutes)
3 weekly Twitter posts referencing Youtube videos made by influencer or referencing NULS
3 weekly tweets about NULS or SCO Platform
2 Twitter Spaces a month with Crypto Corner

All additional tweets and social media engagements are up to the influencers (remember your audience participation is how you get paid!)

Videos will have a general outline or script provided by NULS/SCO Platform

*If there is no direction given to you at any particular time, you are still to do a video and tweets but content can be up to you provided it still refers to NULS or SCO Platform projects. Short videos can be uploaded to Tik Tok or instagram, just be sure to drop the link to posted video in telegram chat (Always refer to Michael or Sly for questions)

*ALL videos must also be shared on personal social media accounts

One weekly strategy meeting every Sunday between Sara, Mario, & Michael (19:00 Local Time In England)

Statement from sara
Summary: Over the last three months I’ve had the priveledge to create content for the NULS ecosystem. This has given ad opportunity to invterview some of the most fasciating projects and incredibly dedicated founders behind them! Make sure to check out the NULS YouTube if you haven’t seen them yet!
We also run some giveaway on Twitter and created content on there to draw the awarness of the progress which cumulatively
has contributed to the price action and further project adoption! It has been a absolute pleasure also working with the whole team and seeing projects deliver their roadmap and plans! The future is for the NULS ecosystem and 2022 will be the best year yet!