SlowMist and ChainsGuard Code Audits Complete

NerveNetwork’s cross-chain signature smart contract NerveMultiSigWalletII has passed the SlowMist technology company’s code audit. The signature smart contract is used to cross-chain BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and ETH (Ethereum) on NerveNetwork mainnet.


commit: 4d663e7695bc833d8c8b97ec55557a458e416add

NerveNetwork cross-chain signature smart contract NerveMultiSigWalletII address:

commit: 4d663e7695bc833d8c8b97ec55557a458e416add


The NerveNetwork public chain cross-chain module has passed the ChainGuard technology company’s code audit. This module is widely used in the NerveNetwork mainnet, NULS mainnet, and NULS blockchain.

Commit: df6afa114cf8f3523dad4ef75b0dba8c47212edf

NerveNetwork public chain cross-chain module codes address:

Commit: df6afa114cf8f3523dad4ef75b0dba8c47212edf

During the development of DeFi, some projects had unexpected losses due to code problems.

As the bridge for cross-chain interconnection of blockchain assets, the current value of asset circulation on NerveNetwork has exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Nerve team is serious about code security. So far, we have cooperated with two security companies to audit cross-chain asset security to prevent code defects that cause asset security issues.

Code audit reports

About SlowMist

SlowMist Technology, headquartered in Xiamen, is a top international blockchain security company. Founded in January 2018, SlowMist has supported nearly a thousand commercial customers distributed in over a dozen countries and regions.

The team has 10+ years of network attack-defense experience. Its clients include cryptocurrency exchanges (Huobi, OKEx, Binance) and wallets (imToken, RenrenBit, MYKEY). DeFi projects (JUST, BlackHoleSwap, DeFiBox), public chains (such as EOS, OKChain, PlatON) have also sought their expertise.

About ChainsGuard

Beijing’s ChainsGuard Network Technology focuses on blockchain security, including but not limited to exchanges. Wallets, chain nodes, and mining pools need security services too. ChainsGuard provides comprehensive security for the blockchain ecosystem. The company’s core members have more than 10 years of experience in information security technology and commercial security solutions.