Simplified Swap Procedure from NULS ERC20 to Mainnet Tokens

Dear NULS Community,

I am glad to report that the proposal for a Simplified Swap Procedure from NULS ERC20 to Mainnet Tokens has been passed.

This would be the new procedure from now onwards.

  1. Go to Nerve.Network
  2. Create a Swap from eNULS (ERC20 NULS) to NULS (mainnet NULS)
  3. Approve the swap, and you are done!

As always, hit me up on Telegram @juggernot if you encounter any issues.

And it would be great if you could drop a note here when you’ve managed to do your swap successfully this way, that would make the hardworking folks behind the scenes happy :slight_smile:

Thanks to the tech team and NerveNetwork for making this happen!

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Hello, how to create an exchange from eNULS (ERC20 NULS) to NULS (mainnet NULS). The website appears in Chinese and cannot be translated into English. Thank you.

Hello Jugg,

I have moved my erc20 tokens to nerve network. I have moved the erc20 tokens over the bridge to NULS protocol. I created a sell order on the nerve DEX from eNuls to Nuls. But the order is not being picked up. How to proceed?

Here are updated instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Bridge” tab
  3. Scroll down and click on eNULS/NULS (eNULS = ERC20 NULS)

  1. Sell your eNULS for NULS and you are done!