Selective ban/Selective censoring in telegram

Every time a person comes in with criticism, concern, price, whatever that is in the slightest negative about the project, the admin gets very defensive and immediately bans/deletes the message.

However, when people start talking about fake news (China is buying $10b nuls, pump is coming tomorrow) the admins just leave those kinds of lies.

People were asking about this in telegram and what does Berzeck reply with?
we dont say anything so dont talk crap

we just announce what we are doing… we annoiucned several partners, we dont announce “tommorrow tommorrow” so please stop

He says they didn’t say anything, but YOU SHOULD HAVE DELETED THE FALSE NEWS THEN. You only delete things that will negatively impact the price, but leave lies that can possibly bring the price up.

Such a sleazy way to go about business and I mean what can you expect from a team led by a marketing expert volunteer.