SCO Engagment greement for sly

Engagement Agreement for Sly

I, Sly, agree to enter into a 3 month contract (smart contract) on a NULS Node where I will be a SMP manager and SCO advisor. I will accept 3,000 NULS upfront & on a monthly basis in order to retain my services and start working immediately while I wait for the SCO Platform contract to be set up where I will earn rewards in NULS for my skills/services. I will accept 290,000 NULS staked in a node once the node has been set up.

NULS Wallet Address: NULSd6HghGjo9UtyvxLfSNV79NaHMFNXDMALU

Resident of the United States

Telegram ID: @MerkleSeeds

Twitter ID: @MerkleSeed

Normal Schedule to start January 7th 2022

  • Managing Social Media Promoters
  • Assist in scheduling all interviews with SCO Partners and Social Media Promoters
  • Provide written content and/or content direction for Social Media Promoters
  • Provide written content for all interviews being conducted by Social Media Promoters
  • Edit Sara’s videos (3 weekly)
  • Onboard/help with other social media promoters as they are added to the SCO Platform
  • Attend at least 2 Crypto Corner events on Twitter Spaces
  • Upload all Social Media Promoter videos to the NULS YouTube channel weekly
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