Request for ERC20 Swap


i would like to request a manual swap for my NULS ERC20 tokens,

my ether address is 0xBD204362579791CAf197732C7d2AFb3bd392C84e, as you’ll see in my wallet i haven’t moved my 185 tokens for over 2 and a half years.

The reason behind missing the swap is that my plan was to hold my tokens for 5 years without continuously checking in order not to get weak hands.

your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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This proposal is being monitored by the Council and it was agreed to let people vote. Voting will start between 10 - 14 days from the day this proposal was made. Good luck!
Personally, I will vote yes!

The proposal is ready to be submitted for voting.
1] Please go to
2] login with NULS address
3] copy paste the current proposal’s text

If you have any question contact me at telegram @Berzeck1