Recruitment of Obee Network "supporters"! Everyone is welcome!

Obee Network Volunteer Recruitment

Reward: 20000 OBEE/month will be issued every half month
Privileges: Obee Network permanent VIP
Number of solicitations: 8 people
Start time: June 28, 2020, to July 03, 2020


  1. Obee Network enthusiasts, familiar with Obee Network ecology.
  2. Having used Obee Network social products and are very clear about the relevant functional modules of the products.
  3. Loving the industry, understand the blockchain, like to chat, and be good at communicating with people.
  4. The fission leader cannot participate in the volunteer program.

Ps: Not limited to all walks of life, special skills are preferred (graphic design, hand drawing, translation, and other special skills)


  1. Maintain community order and publicize the sermon Obee Network and related products.
  2. Propagator, organize and publish project information.
  3. Maintain the Obee Network ( social networking site to prevent the output of non-compliant content.
  4. Active group chat, kick out advertisers and robots.
  5. Answer questions and answer questions, and popularize newcomers who do not understand the project.

Registration Process:
Log in to to view the homepage announcement and get the answer link
Topics: 10 multiple choice questions and judgment questions, with a perfect score of 100 points and a passing score of 80 points.

Examination instructions:
Volunteers who fail to complete the basic responsibility requirements shall be deemed to give up their volunteer status by default.

If you don’t understand, you can also consult me ​​directly