Q1 2021 NULS Community Contributors Recognition Awards

Because you have NULS in your eyes- the world can see NULS

We are gearing up the Q1 2021 NULS Community Contributors Recognition Award contest.

Reward: 100 NULS each

Deadline: March 31, 2021

Open to all NULS/Nerve community members (except core team members, NTC members, ambassadors and NULStars).

Thanks to those community members who only see NULS in their eyes!

In the first quarter of 2021, both products and the value of NULS surprised the community over and over. We know this is inseparable from the contributions of countless members of the community.

The quarterly Community Recognition Award has become a bit of a tradition that has been ongoing since the establishment of NULS.

The significance of this is the impact this will have on our future. We are grateful to all community members who have contributed to NULS. We look forward to more contributions made by community members who continuously support NULS.

Selection Eligibility and Rules

Open to all NULS community members, (except for core team members, NTC members, ambassadors and NULStars).

Members who have made notable contributions in the quarter are eligible. These can include:

  • Providing content (articles, videos, images).
  • Community building (Telegram, Reddit, and other community forums).
  • Activities (offline participation in an organization, online participation in an organization), promotion (cooperation and/or publication), and so on.

Quarterly Community Recognition Award winners are selected once every quarter. Candidates can be self-nominated or recommended by other community members.

To participate please submit an application by March 31, 2021 via:


Please describe the activities of contributions made in the quarter in no less than 200 words.

A shortlist of five (5) contributors will be chosen from all the submissions for the quarter and be put to a community vote.


The reward for NULS Community Recognition Award contribution will be taken from the Community Fund.

Outstanding contributors recognized through community vote will receive 100 NULS rewards each.

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In the first quarter of 2021, the community contributor selection of the NULS community. After 15 days of proposal discussion and self-recommendation, a total of 5 candidates were selected. We will vote on 5 candidates in the NULS community governance, and finally 4 A community contributor in the first quarter of 2021, the five candidates are:

Turkey nulls in the yayınlıyorum.kişi moderatörüm.güncel nuls news groups responding to their questions. I’m trying to introduce nuls in Turkey. I am recruiting investors. I am helping the Nuls ambassador. I am working to increase the number of group members in the Telegram.

yaynlyorum.kisimoderatrüm.güncel nuls新闻群组里面的土耳其NULS成员对他们的问题做出了回应。我正在尝试把NULS带进土耳其。我正在招募投资者。我在帮NULS大使。我正在努力增加Telegram群组成员数量。


I’m an active member in NULS Portuguese community on Telegram. With João’s help we created a contest (NULS Quest) in Portuguese community, which until 2 weeks ago, consisted of asking every week a question about the NULS ecosystem to the less active members of the community and the one who got it right received 5 NULS as a prize. Lately I have been doing some translations for the NULS Noticias website.

我是NULS Telegram葡萄牙语社区的活跃成员。 在João的帮助下,我们在葡萄牙社区创建了一个竞赛(NULS Quest),直到2周前,该竞赛包括每周向社区中不太活跃的成员询问有关NULS生态系统的问题,而正确的人则获得了5个NULS 作为奖品。 最近,我一直在为NULS Noticias网站做一些翻译。


An early investor in the NULS community, a loyal fan of NULS, an evangelist, and actively contributing to the development of the NULS community, and actively contributing to the promotion of NULS. In the first quarter of 2021, he will lead volunteers to promote NULS, manage the NULS community, and maintain and manage community volunteers through volunteer proposals Participate in NULS activities.



Coming from the Portuguese community, he is a NULS holder and NULS builder. He has been actively participating in the development of NULS for a long time, often answering various questions for community members, supporting the development of the NULS ecology, assisting the work of the Portuguese ambassador and the community, promoting NULS on different platforms, and assisting the daily work of the Western team.



Members of the NULS community, loyal NULS fans, community volunteers, actively disseminate daily NULS news, activities and other information in the NULS community, perform well among the NULS community volunteers, and have made active contributions to the operation and maintenance of the NULS Chinese community.