PY Social Media Proposal For SCO (SMPs) Promotion for NULS

Engagement Agreement for Py

I PY agree to enter into a 3 month contract (smart contract) on a NULS Node where I will be a social media promoter on various platforms, specializing in Twitter and Youtube. I will accept the rewards generated by a 390 000 NULS staken node provided that community accepts the proposal and the vote is successful. For the month of January 2022, I will accept 3,000 NULS in order to retain my services and start working immediately.

NULS Wallet Address: NULSd6HgUH9tywdxebUt9QEgATvCjrA8RwFec

Resident of the United States

Telegram ID: @PieceOfThePy

Twitter ID: @Pieceofthepy


Normal Schedule to start January 7th 2022

5 Videos per month to be uploaded to YouTube (varying in Length up to 15 Minutes)
3 videos covering content requested by NULS/SCO Platform
2 videos covering community updates/educational
2 Twitter Spaces a month with Crypto Corner
3 Twitter post weekly referencing NULS or content made for NULS

All additional tweets and social media engagements are up to the influencers, remember your audience participation is how you get paid!

*All videos must be sent to NULS YouTube manager to be uploaded onto the NULS YouTube channel

*ALL videos must also be shared on personal social media accounts

One weekly strategy meeting between Py, Mario, & Michael

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