Progress report August 2020 Africa Ambassador

Dear NULS community,

In the 3 weeks that I have been African Ambassador, this is what I have been working on:

1)- Appearance on Africa’s Blockchain Developers’ call series end of September 2020. The call will focus on Supply Chain Management on Blockchain and I will be on the panel.

2)- I am finalising a Crypto Community local meet up around end of September, with NULS as sponsor and its ambassador as speaker to explain how simply any company can use Chainfactory to set up its own Blockchain and specially POCM to stake and to raise funds through SCO if they have an interesting project to promote to the NULS community.

3)- Speaking of project, the local crypto / blockchain community in Mauritius is creating a local Club / Community managed by a DAO. Since the DAO structure does not exist (for now) on NULS, it is going to be created on the Ethereum network. But since transaction fees are so expensive on the Ethereum network, I was thinking of proposing the Club / Community to use the voting system on the NULS governance platform for general voting such as : Club council members, Discussion themes for the month, Best speaker of the year, Venue for end of year party etc, etc. It would make the members use the NULS blockchain, generate transactions on the NULS blockchain and make them become part of the NULS community. We could us the general voting section if ok by all of the NULS community. For the Club / Community, it would help reduce transaction fees.

4)- I have started writing an Article on the theme : “ Whats wrong with the World today and why Blockchain is the solution” written by NULS Blockchain ambassador. It is still work in progress and as soon as my inspiration comes back and I finish it, the NULS community will be the first to read it :slight_smile:

5)- I have made many one on one appointments with friends in Business to come into crypto, to stake some NULS for and / or Nerve and a few of the them have done it.

6)- I am having a second meeting with a project that is aiming at doing cross border transactions with Stable coins from Africa to Europe mainly. I have started to tell them about the benefits of using NULS for that and we will discuss it further tomorrow when I meet them again. I have to see their business plan to see if they could also use SCO platform for fund raising. I will keep you all posted as soon as I get all this information.

7)- On the social media side, on twitter NULS west Africa has 2013 followers and on facebook we have 715 following us.

That’s it for August 2020, hoefully all the projects will bear fruit in September 2020. Thank you for your support. Cheers and time to NULS :slight_smile: