Please help need tokens swap from ERC-20 to mainet

Hello team,

I kindly request a swap for my ERC-20 Nuls tokens to my NULS adress. I was not able to do the swap before deadline. I don´t know what I should do. Here below are the transactions. Should I transfer the tokens to a erc-20 adress first? Please help.

Transaction 1 (123,9 Nuls tokens): 0x20702a0482758b587c8904954174e9eb7e05ebfe129e103e0108db8fd45845d7
Transaction 2 (148,1 Nuls tokens):

My Nuls adress: NULSd6HgjbbsSqb6qMcJopSiadHarsmufSqM4

Thank you so much!



I won the vote about the swap, thank you! :

So I have already send the erc-20 tokens (272 NULS) to the indicated adress, here is the transaction ID:

My Nuls main net adress is: NULSd6HgjbbsSqb6qMcJopSiadHarsmufSqM4


Hello, I’m Jugg and I’ll be assisting you with this request.

I’ll forward the request to get your NULS tokens sent.

Please feel free to contact me on Telegram at @juggernot if you have queries, but only after you have reviewed the instructions.

Thank you.


For your information, there is an ongoing proposal that I have raised to make the token swap process much easier.

You can find it here:

When the proposal is approved, you can do the swap yourself directly on

I think it would be an easier process for you.