[Ongoing]-[NCG20210329]-ERC20 NULS资产映射申请提案-dqshzhxl

由于看好NULS的未来,我于2018年1月22日将1683个NULS转入imtoken钱包,准备长期持有。由于本人后知后觉,近日才知道NULS需要映射到主网,才知道映射入口已经关闭。 希望能从社区基金中申请兑换。本人不胜感激!

Hello, I’m Jugg and I’ll be assisting you with this request.

Thanks for your continued support to NULS.

In accordance to the NIP3 workflow policy, we require you to create a proposal on gov.nuls.io 15 days after your post here, and win the approval for the swap to happen through community funds.

Please share your proposal link here once you have created it.

Once you have obtained approval, you will be required to send your ERC20 NULS to a specified address for burning before the mainnet tokens are sent to you.

Please feel free to contact me on Telegram at @juggernot if you have queries, but only after you have reviewed the instructions.

Thank you.

提案已经提交,麻烦帮忙审核,万分感谢!辛苦 :grinning:



For your information, there is an ongoing proposal that I have raised to make the token swap process much easier.

You can find it here: https://gov.nuls.io/gov/proposal/proposalDetail?id=132

When the proposal is approved, you can do the swap yourself directly on Nerve.network.

I think it would be an easier process for you.