[Ongoing]-[NCG20210219]-MyCointainer & NULS partnership


it’s Kamil from MyCointainer. We wondered how we can further strengthen our cooperation and organize some campaign together with NULS.

We have a proposal: we would like to implement NULS as a bonus coin in various contexts of the site of MyCointainer Platform:

1. When user makes an exchange with BTC or FIAT. For each such transaction, we would give say 0.2 NULS. The benefit is as follows: NULS coin will appear as a normal staking coin in user’s dashboard and will generate staking rewards on that tiny amount. The point here is that user won’t be able to sell it, because users cannot withdraw such a small amount (min withdrawal is around 10 EUR of coins value). This means that unless users will trade on our exchange in order to obtain more of NULS, they can’t withdraw it. Result of that is that we increase NULS price with more transactions.

2. When new user registers (currently you can see this 7 CollosusXT (COLX) on our homepage top banner). Placing a coin in his dashboard as a bonus coin increases interest and at the same time prompts user to buy more of it. Again, same conditions apply in regards to ability to withdraw it.

Additionally, as part of increasing NULS presence on our platform, we offer:

  • e-mail campaign combined with promotion in our social media (audience both around 250K).
    At the moment, we have 56,000 users registered on the platform, of which 15,000 are actively staking.

What we would like to get is 5000 NULS to have coins to make such activities on the platform.

We will then enable and register NULS node with 20K NULS capital (pulled from all users). After that you will delegate your NULS coins to our node so that we can reach the threshold of 200K and we start earning rewards.

After that we set the staking fee of 50% which would mean that we could use such rewards to distribute them to our users and have rewards to continue ongoing campaigns with the use of NULS coins.

We ask you as the NULS community to accept our offer.
MyCointainer Team



Thank you for your trust.

Our node is already registered and we would like ask for detegation of agreed 200k NULS to it. Details here:

If you have any questions & suggestions, feel free to discuss.

Thank you,
MyCointainer Team