[Ongoing]-[NCG20210215]-Another ERC20 token swap request

Dear Community,

Similar to a recent post in November I would also like the opportunity to swap a small holding of old format NULS ERC20 tokens to the new valid token

After the crash in 2018 I lost interest in crypto due to the impact of losses.

It is only 221.875 tokens but I am hopeful it could still be worth a welcome sum in the coming years.

The ETH wallet holding the NULS is more or less empty apart from this holding but this is the address they are sitting on:


and the new NULS address I have created is:

I see that the previous poster also needed to raise a proposal at

Is that my next step here? Any guidance appreciated please.

Hi, the voting is now closed and was supported (thank you). I have sent my ERC20 tokens, transaction has below plus the link to the voting thread.

Thanks again



Looks good, I am sending the request and you will receive your NULS between one week

Received, with many thanks :slight_smile: