[Ongoing]-[NCG20210208]-NULS token reclaim request after swap (3791.6 NULS)

Dear Team, I am writing this post to kindly request a manual swap for my 3791.6 ERC20 NULS tokens to be swapped for tokens on the NULS MainNet. Unfortunately I missed the original token swaps. I would be very thankful if you could help me with this request.

My Ether address is: 0x8bdE60E6d4161a9f2ABFB14D93743Ff723F1bc2b

[Refer to the process provided by Berzeck ]


[NIP3_Community Fund Management and Use of Process ]
(20190527NIP3_Community Fund Management and Use of Process)

Sorry I didn’t understand what’s needs to be done by me now. I posted this request here based on the process outlined by Berzeck. Do let me know if I need to do anything else right now. Thank you.

Hi, As discussed I have sent all my ERC20 tokens (3791.696 NULS ) to

The transaction ID is:

Here is a link to the poll that I created where community members voted in my favour: