[Ongoing]-[NCG20210117]-November/december report & Canada Ambassadorship Q1 2021

Hi NULS community,

In these times and despite the pandemic situation, I am proud of what I have done with the little time and the alarming status of Covid cases, especially in my city, which has worsened significantly (Lockdown until 15th January 2021).

Firstly, I organized small virtual meetings (5-7 people) biweekly explaining and solving doubts about NULS and its ecosystem, giving rise to small communities in Canada and Colombia. I have made 2 videos (I am really newbie), one presenting NULS as an innovative project and the other explaining how to create a NULS wallet and its advantages. https://www.facebook.com/piporunning/videos/281285466574492

I have written a review (Medium Spanish) promoting the use of NULS and its infallible ecosystem, I have translated (whitepaper) and shared news, updates, partnerships, photos, etc. in Spanish and French in different social networks, I have also held two contests with giveaway of 400 NULS in two main cryptocurrency facebook groups (France and Canada). https://nulsespanol.medium.com/nuls-más-allá-de-una-criptomoneda-cd71db4ee419

Continuing with the theme, a large part of my friends and Cryptorunning clients have chosen to do staking of NULS, since they finally understood that it is more profitable than a saving account.

Finally, I had an idea after exploring Goblinswap a few months ago.

I was born in a small town called San Gil (around 50K population) named the tourist capital of the region and it is very beautiful. I met with some local friends to be able to give it a usability and attract people with financial difficulties to educate and give them new opportunities in the socio-economic sector. One of them has several stores where people rent video game consoles (xbox / PS) per hour. So I told him that implementing NULS as processor payment could be interesting by implementing in the field of entertainment and videogames, people would have more benefits, I also explained my strategy to expand and make people discover the ecosystem so:

A call of duty tournament was organized where each competitor changed the local currency (COP) to NULS to later be deposited in the respective wallet of each player (with assistance if required) since the registration was worth 15 NULS. Around 32 people signed up and we allowed a week for people to inquire about NULS and its functions on the blockchain. NULS merchandise was bought to promote and some soft drinks / snacks were bought and 3 big prizes in NULS: 1st = 105 NULS
2nd 85 NULS & 3rd 65 NULS…The event was a great success, looking forward for 2nd rumble tho.

Candidate Ambassadorship Q1 2021

I would love to continue supporting the NULS community in 2021 to achieve the proposed goals.

  • A commitment to hold discussions panels with different ambassadors to compare and discover NULS.

  • Attract a bunch of millennials(youth gen.) to explore NULS from ‘Gaming & tournaments’.

  • Work on the expansion of the NULS ecosystem in my hometown and living area.

  • Hold virtual meetings to educate the French/Spanish community and future investors.

  • Send email and request support to local IT enterprises and institutions for develop blockchain projects.

    *Create content in blogs as Medium, Reddit, Steem, etc. Promoting NULS ecosystem.

PS: I will be glad and open to hear community ideas or tasks. :slight_smile:

This is just the beginning because there is still a lot of hard work to be done but with your support and advice this 2021 will be a great year for NULS and its community.

PS: Apologize for the delay I was in the north north freaking cold(-27 degrees), so winter blizzards periodically damage the internet.