[Ongoing]-[NCG20210101]Application for Spain ambassadorship Q1 2021

Greetings to the entire NULS community.

My name is Noel and I live in Barcelona, ​​Spain. I have been in blockchain since 2016 in wish I started as a trader, ICO advisor and I have worked on various blockchain projects.

I would like to present my candidacy as Ambassador to Spain and I ask for your support to share NULS and expand it across different borders.

My proposals:

  • I want to involve NULS in people’s daily lives in order to expand the knowledge of the ecosystem. Not only here in Spain but also in different LATAM countries where cryptocoins have more and more uses daily.

  • I intend to get involved publishing / translating articles and news on social networks about how NULS is contributing and can improve transparency in many processes of our life. (security and monitoring of material resources, food, contracts for the provision of services, voting, etc.).

  • Where I live, Spanish is spoken as the official language but there are also other languages ​​such as Catalan. Knowledge of this language is a plus since a significant number of people from various provinces are not used to speaking Spanish and it is easier to reach those people. Dialects of this language are also spoken in Andorra, southern France and Sardinia (Italy). I also speak English and a little French.

  • I want to look for projects of real use and collaborations that benefit NULS. My focus is on my region and especially LATAM, but I would know how to easily look elsewhere.

  • I want to incite people to join the Spanish NULS Telegram channel. Update the news to the Spanish language and arguee in that language

I have been working in marketing for several years and I know how to reach people, there are many people who are still unaware of the advantages of this great ecosystem and I want to create a connection between them and NULS.

I have the motivation, proactivity and efficiency to make us a much bigger project. Although I continue to learn every day, my motivation makes me surpass myself and I want to contribute more in this community. That’s why I need the community support.



大家好!我叫Noel,我生活在西班牙巴塞罗那。 自2016年以来,我一直在区块链领域工作。曾在不同的区块链项目中做过投资人和ICO顾问。


我想促进NULS参与到人们的日常生活中,从而延申人们对它生态系统的了解。 我将不仅在西班牙当地做这件事,还会在加密货币用途日益广泛的的不同拉美国家/地区来实行。


我居住的地方以西班牙语为官方语言,但也有其他语言,例如加泰罗尼亚语。 具有这种语言的能力是加分的,因为许多来自不同省份的人不习惯说西班牙语,熟知泰罗尼亚语可以更轻松地与这些人联系。 在安道尔,法国南部和撒丁岛(意大利)也讲这种语言。 我还会说英语和一点法语。

我想寻找实际使用NULS,对NULS发展有利的合作伙伴。 我重点发展的地区是我生活的地区,尤其是拉美地区,但我也知道如何轻松地在其他地方发展这件事。

我想吸引人们加入NULS西班牙电报群。 将新闻更新为西班牙语并以该语言进行交流讨论。


我有动力,主动性和效率来使我们成为更优质的的项目。 我每天都在持续学习,我的动力使我超越自我,并希望在这个社区中做出更多贡献。 这就是为什么我需要社区支持的原因。

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Many thanks Aurora :grinning:

Hello Noel! Please contact me in telegram: @Aurora_Yan


Voting link: https://gov.nuls.io/gov/proposal/proposalDetail?id=61