[Ongoing]-Missed deadline on swap (holder since 2017)

Hello everyone,

I understand i’m too late for swapping old Nuls (i bought in 2017) to new Nuls however I only figured it out yesterday, i’m a very efficient HODLer…
Can i still join the community please? I have/had 1018.4 Nuls.

Thank you for your time and consideration


Hi, juggernot here. I’ll be following up on your swap request.

Thanks for your continuous support for NULS.

In accordance to NIP3 regulations, please create a proposal at gov.nuls.io after 15 days.

Once the proposal has been approved, you will be given an address to send your ERC20 NULS token to be burnt. You will then receive your main net NULS token.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any further enquiries.

Thank you.