[Ongoing]-[1000USDT]-NULS C2C DAPP Development task

Reward amount: Negotiable

Develop a C2C DApp: allows users to conduct secured transactions directly through smart contracts, and disputes can be handled by nodes to vote on disputes. Transaction process: A initiates an asset sale,
The asset is locked in a smart contract. B and A reach a negotiated payment. After A receives the payment, click to confirm the deposit and the transaction is completed. Dispute Resolution: If you do n’t confirm the deposit after receiving the payment, you can apply for dispute resolution.
Dispute handling NULS nodes create an account and have the right to participate in voting. After X nodes pass, the contract releases coins.
Interested parties can contact : @Reaper

开发一个C2C DApp:可以让用户之间直接通过智能合约进行担保交易,纠纷处理可以由节点来对纠纷进行投票表决。交易流程:A发起一笔资产出售,
有意向者可以联系 @Reaper