[Ongoing]-[1000NVT]-Translate NerveNetwork White Paper

Ok with me, go ahead

Hi, @Sesinho @anthagas @johanes

There are a small amount of updates in the white paper. If you have completed the proofreading, please provide the wallet address of the reward by the translator and proofreader, and the amount of the reward respectively.

Updated version of Nerve Spanish whitepaper



Thanks,Sesinho, can you provide a payment address?


Very soon I will have finished the translation of the Nerve whitepaper into the Galician language :smiley:

Thanks, due to the increase in NVT price, we have lowered the reward yesterday.

By clicking on the link below, you can consult the Galician version of the Nerve whitepaper:


@Sesinho The rewards for the two white papers have been paid.

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:smiley:Thank you very much!

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Very thanks to @NerveNetwork
Here my address