[Ongoing]-[1000NVT]-Translate NerveNetwork White Paper

Translate NerveNetwork White Paper- [1000NVT]

Hi, Everyone

Glad you can help us translate the white paper. Welcome to be a contributor to the NerveNetwork project, you can sign on the translated white paper.


  1. The description is correct, without wrong grammar and words.

  2. The proofreader is responsible for finding translation errors. Each error is rewarded with 10NVT. The proofreading member and the translator share 6000NVT.

  3. If you are willing to help, please leave a message here, there is only one quota per language.

Nerve Public

White Paper

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I can translate it in Bulgarian :upside_down_face:


Great, give it to you

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Thank you. Will be done in the next few days. Where I should upload the Bulgarian Version and what format should be PDF or Word?Or both?

It would be better to provide PDF & Word

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Ok. Thanks guys. Will do it both :wink:

I can tranalate in Indonesian Bahasa

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Ok,When will it be completed?


I can translate to portuguese :sunglasses:


Great, please show your magic.

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Yeah im done :blush:

I will translate it to Spanish

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great :thinking: :thinking:

Here you go

Spanish version:


@johanes @Sesinho @anthagas
Has anyone reviewed this manuscript?
If not, I will look for the proofreader.

Sure, i have shared too for checking :blush:

I will do the proofreading for portuguese!

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