(OEC Telegram) AMA:NerveNetwork cross-chain bridge helps blockchain projects enter the OEC ecosystem



Hello, everyone. Today, I am very honored to introduce Berzeck, NerveNetwork’s Founder.

We will begin with an introduction to Nerve Network, including some frequently asked questions.

Hello Berzeck, please tell us about NerveNetwork.


Hello everybody! It’s a pleasure to be with you guys today.

NerveNetwork is a bridge and cross-chain DeFi ready solution based on the NULS microservices framework and developed with ChainBox. It’s capable of 2000+TPS, it just needs 2 seconds for block creation and just 1 confirmation is needed to be deemed secure. Currently, users enjoy zero fees performing transactions inside NerveNetwork.

Nerve currently supports tens of assets in 5 different blockchains: OKexChain, Ethereum, BSC, Heco, and NULS.

We will continue integrating top-rated blockchains. Polygon is scheduled next; stay tuned for more news!

Our goal is to let projects focus on building their business and their core products instead of worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Nerve enables projects to reach potential investors from all the blockchains we support. Thus greatly enhancing their prospects in the expanding NerveNetwork ecosystem.


What core products or applications are currently built in the NerveNetwork ecosystem?

Berzeck :

The core function of NerveNetwork is cross-chain bridge and cross-chain swap. Currently, there are applications such as a decentralized trading platform, called NerveDEX, a cross-chain bridge DApp called NerveBridge, and cross-chain swap.

There is also a Web 3.0 digital identity wallet called Nabox that integrates the underlying cross-chain features of NerveNetwork, it has a friendly interface that resembles MetaMask but with Cross-Chain capabilities.

We have more applications being built and you will hear more news soon.

Host :

Can you tell us more about the decentralized trading platform NerveDEX?


NerveDEX is a decentralized exchange released on September 2020, it is based on NerveNetwork’s underlying chain asset transaction protocol. The entire process of asset transactions is completed in just 2 seconds on-chain in a fast, safe, and transparent way.

NerveDEX resembles standard exchanges which is only possible due to its speed. It is realized by on-chain matching. All consensus nodes participate in transaction matching verification to ensure the fairness of exchange.

On NerveDEX you can directly import NerveNetwork private keys and Keystores, and there is no deposit and withdrawal operations, the assets are always in your control. Pending orders perform locking operations without transferring the ownership of the assets. It is when the transaction successfully completes that assets change ownership in an atomic way.

On NerveDEX, anyone can create pairs chosen from all assets supported by NerveNetwork. The pair creation fee is set at 200 NVT (a little more than 6 USD at current rates).


As far as I know, the cross-chain bridge NerveBridge DApp has been launched on many mainstream wallets in the industry. Can you tell us more about which wallets support NerveBridge DApp?

Berzeck :

The NerveBridge DApp enables the cross-chain functionality. Currently, NerveBridge supports wallets such as Metamask, Tokenpocket, Nabox, MATH, HyperPay, Bitkeep, etc.

Users can search for “NerveBridge” through the wallet, or use the NerveBridge DApp URL and link to metamask. Then, they can generate multi-chain addresses, and confirm authorization. Now, they have cross-chain intercommunication of assets between multiple chains.

For example,the picture below shows users transferring assets from Binance Smart Chain BSC to OKExChain through NerveBridge.

As you can see from the image, using NerveBridge is extremely easy and powerful. You can send tokens to other blockchains in just a few clicks. The complexity is hidden from you, your project, and your users.

Host :

Wow, that looks great! So what do projects need to do to enjoy these capabilities? I assume it’s expensive …


Not at all! Our team currently does not charge fees for bridge integration.

Keep in mind that deploying the token contract in ETH has a high network fee that interested projects need to pay to cross-chain with ETH (currently between 0.05 - 0.07 ETH).

Deploying the contracts in the other blockchains is completely free.

Interested projects can contact us at:

Email: berzeck@nuls.io


Telegram: @Berzeck1

Or just Submit Token from NerveBridge DApp at https://bridge.nerve.network/

Host :

What assets does NerveNetwork currently support?

Berzeck :

In addition to the NULS ecosystem assets, NerveNetwork supports dozens of other public assets to achieve multi-chain interoperability from OKExChain, ETH, BSC, HECO and NULS. These public include: ETH, BNB, HT, LINK, BUSD, HUSD,etc. See https://scan.nerve.network/assets for details.

Whats more, you can stake a few of these assets to earn rewards in NVT.

We are continuously adding more projects and we will soon support assets from the Polygon blockchain.


Amazing! How come with such great technology most people are just hearing about this project?


The main reason is because we invest our resources into building real products that offers real solutions instead of pumping PowerPoint presentations!

It takes more time for proper recognition but its the best way to achieve long-term trust from partners, investors and our community.


Where can we get the latest news and follow the project?

Berzeck :

For more information and updates about Nerve Network visit http://nerve.network/

Follow us on Twitter: @nerve_network

Decentralized Exchange platform:nervedex.com

NerveBridge DApp:bridge.nerve.network


Thank you, Berzeck, for this great introduction to Nerve Network.