October and November Work Report Pakistan

Hello , I am AQEEL from Pakistan and wanted to share the plan of action to the community as a possible NULStar moving forward.
I am involved with NULS Recently AUG 2020 and quite active. I personally believe that NULS has a lot of potential which made me stick to it even in corona . When many other projects died and many more failed to deliver their first blockchain, NULS delivering great blockchain projects during that time
as a community member in NULS community had a very good time learning the developments and sharing any issues with TG administrators
With the recent surge in market movements, more people here are discussing and talking about NULS in many Pakistan
As you know crypto is Ban in Pakistan but people want to learn and know more about Crypto
many are doing trade at good level and want to legalize Crypto
so I would like to present my introductory plan of action as mentioned below:

1: Make and managing a telegram group catering to the needs of Pakistan community.

2:Trying and Growing the number of members in Official Pakistan telegram community. I do not believe in quantity over quality, the number of members who are really interested as investors or learning about the project is of concern to me and not filling the group with bots.

3:I’m handling 2 accounts of Twitter and I made and posted couples of posts About NULS and I would like to make a NULS Pakistan twitter account to share and spread the news. (I haven’t done so because I thought it is good to take the community/councilors approval rather than spamming twitter with multiple groups)

4:I’ve shared all news from NULS with my collegues,friends and others aswell organized an Event to introduce NULS for develop the interest about NULS blockchain .

5:Representing NULS on every crypto related event that may come up.

so I"ve more plan to arrange virtual meet for growing the NULS community in this hard time This is going to be my approach moving forward MAKE BLOCKCHAIN SIMPLER.


My telegram has been restricted to message others.
So @Aurora need my wallet Adress
Here’s the address