OBEEUniswap operation guide, imToken wallet as an example

Uniswap is an exchange that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It supports fast exchanges between ETH (Ethereum) and Token, and between Token and Token.

  1. Open the imToken wallet, click [Browse] to enter the discovery interface, click the top, search for Uniswap keywords, and select any result (v1 or v2) to open.

  1. Click ETH, search to add 0x3678d8cc9eb08875a3720f34c1c8d1e1b31f5a11, find OBEE, click Add, you can operate

  1. The Uniswap page has two main functions, namely 【Exchange】【Fund Pool】, the exchange interface will be displayed by default after opening, where you can choose ETH or OBEE to exchange each other. The v2v1 at the top can switch versions flexibly and choose the one that suits you best.

  2. After clicking [Swap], the exchange details will pop up. Click the [Confirm Swap] button to redeem and call up the authorization window. Here you should pay attention to whether the gas value is set properly, then click Next, enter the password and confirm the payment to complete the redemption operation, and finally click Close. The same is true for OBEE swap ETH Such.

  1. [Fund Pool]
    In Uniswap, in addition to being used for token exchange, you can also join Uniswap’s fund pool to become a market maker and earn income by providing liquidity for Uniswap (return 1).
    Calculation of income:
    Daily transaction volume 0.003 The proportion of your fund pool to the total fund pool
    And ObeeNetwork will also give additional erc20 OBEE rewards (revenue two) to users who provide liquidity.
    The number of daily income OBEE = the number of OBEE injected into the fund pool * 0.005, monthly income reaches 15%, and annual income reaches 180%
    Earnings are only available after a full day, and the earnings are settled every 48 hours
    First, click the “Add Liquidity to add a fund pool” button in the “Fund Pool” interface, and then select a liquidity pool, for example, select ETH/OBEE. After selecting the liquidity pool, enter the number of currencies to be deposited in the fund pool.

Trading pairs are deposited into the fund pool in proportion, for example, if 1ETH is deposited into the fund pool, then OBEE will be deposited into 315909.
After the input is completed, click “ApproveOBEE” below, then call up the authorization window, authorize, enter a reasonable miner fee, click Next, enter the password to complete the authorization, and then you can inject the fund pool.

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