ObeeNetwork NRC20 Token exchange guide for ERC20 Token(Two)

In the early stage, we opened the NRC20 Token to ERC20 Token mapping tutorial on the social

platform. This time, we opened the NERVE network mapping tutorial.

Q1.Create an NVT wallet, the URL is as follows: https://wallet.nerve.network/newAddress, as
shown in the figure below:

After the creation is successful, be sure to back up your private key, and then your wallet
address and account information will be displayed in the upper left corner, as shown below:

Q2. Enter the NRC20 OBEE you hold into the OBEE receiving address
NULSd6HgVe9CnzduCB6TUV4u3w1egcxmKm26k, this address can only enter but not exit.

(Note: When sending OBEE, you must note your own NERVE address, this address will receive ERC20 OBEE.Please note the address)

Q3.Next, please wait patiently, because this mapping method is a manual transfer, so there may be delays in the account, so please wait patiently.

If you have any other questions, please join the telegram group for a consultation: https://t.me/ObeeNetwork.