Obee Network token circulation and incentive mechanism plan

Recently, more activities of Obee Network have been shown in the eyes of users at home and abroad. We thank our community members for their efforts, our domestic users for their encouragement, our overseas users for their enthusiastic help, and our development and operations staff for working overtime to achieve the target. In order to cater to business needs, in order to answer previous users’ doubts about OBEE’s circulation and supply, and in order to make each token worthy and apply it to the right place, we will issue a new token plan.

Our wallet function has basically been connected to the Obee Network platform, which can fully satisfy users’ daily use. It is worth mentioning that in the development of the project, we have not conducted any crowdfunding. The pressure and consumption of the Obee Network team in publicity and technical development are still very large. We propose this new plan to adapt to the long-term development of the project. Daily operations. In the development of the project, the promulgation of the new token economy helps protect our token and the interests of every member of our communities at home and abroad.

Token economy:

Distribution of old token plan:

New Token Economy Division:

We divide the OBEE tokens into 5 mining pools, and each pool lists the corresponding address. The incentive mining pool is mainly generated through Obee Network contribution mining, and the daily mining output is controlled below the level of 1/1000 of the market circulation.

On August 2, we used 18 million OBEE for Uniswap to inject funds and the business development pool 3.8 million for the construction of strategic partnerships with team partners. Except for nrc20 OBEE mapping to open OBEE, we will flow 21 million OBEE into the market.

Contribution proof incentive pool:

It accounts for 60%, mainly through Obee Network contribution proof mining, which is divided into ordinary user mining and member user mining. And control the maximum daily output to be less than 1/1000 of the market circulation.


Marketing pool:

Used for Obee Network events, market-making needs rewards Obee Network community builders and community members who have contributed to the development of the project.


The team holds:

Accounted for 15%, up to 6 million OBEEs can be unlocked every month for the team’s daily operating expenses. Unused tokens will be destroyed every month.


business development:

According to business needs, it is used to promote the construction of business partners, business development, and Obee Network ecological promotion.


NULS ecology:

Mining through NULS accounts for 3%, supports POCM pledge acquisition, and supports 1:1 mapping Token.


In addition, the member purchase address does not deposit any OBEE, 0xC3d77Cc7A31BB66eFc3EA6E34571A27152F2448D

Member purchase address OBEE will only be destroyed.

When designing the reward mechanism, in order to ensure the fairness and justice of the reward mechanism, control the deflation rate, and based on the incentive factors, formulate the emission control formula, the general user incentive formula, and the member user incentive formula, as shown below:

(1) Emission calculation formula:

Obtaining tokens through comments, likes, and articles published, we call the contribution factor:

(2) Rules for the upper limit of daily points for ordinary users:

(3) The rules for the upper limit of daily points for member users:

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