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Special Guest: SingHwang | Obee Network联合发起人

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Social networking is the most basic and frequent behavior of a society. Because this social network has become the most interconnected infrastructure and open platform, it greatly increases the efficiency and speed of social networking. Welcome, because they meet the basic needs of the category, that is, belong to a group of sense of belonging, and socialize. Obee Network is a decentralized social platform based on blockchain. In order to let people understand Obee Network more deeply, today we have the honor to invite Obee Network co-founder SingHwang to participate in today’s AMA.


Welcome the arrival of SingHwang, then ask SingHwang to say hello to the family.


Hello, I’m SingHwang. Thank you very much for the invitation that Mang said about the blockchain, and thank you very much for your enthusiastic support and hope that we will have a good time together.

Q1:What kind of background or factors does Obee Network design and produce?


Let’s look at the status quo, the development, maturity, and rapid spread of global Internet technology. The output of social-related information has become extremely huge. Every day, social interaction will produce a lot of text, pictures, audio, video, small games, etc. The rapid development of technology has also achieved social giants with billions of users such as Facebook, Youtobe, and Twitter. However, it is difficult to ensure data security and user privacy during the operation of Internet companies. Therefore, with the increase of users’ social information in the future, strengthening user privacy and security protection will undoubtedly become the top priority. It is in this large environment that Obee Network came into being.

Q2:So can you introduce Obee to us?


Obee Network is a decentralized social platform based on blockchain. The goal is to use ObeeNetwork’s dynamic, commodity, music and other data to be distributed and stored through blockchain technology to build a complete global social system. . The content published in one hand in the entire platform does not need to distribute the content through the centralized platform, and the use of free storage and distribution of the content enables the real unintended operation in the social system to make the social There is no boundary, and you can share wonderful moments with other users anytime, anywhere.

Q3:Is there any difference between ObeeNetwork and traditional social platforms?


In contrast to traditional social media, encrypted social media can be used for free, without being affected by the platform. Based on the peer-to-peer technical communication method, the decentralized network structure has the characteristics of being non-tamperable. When it is applied to a social platform, it can rebuild the trust system between the person and the person.

As our positioning standards say, we are positioned as the first design product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain social. The reason for such a positioning is that we have analyzed many projects and feel that these blockchain + social products should not be used directly by users in the blockchain industry, so our first design on the functional module is close to a wide range of users. Standard. Now that the function points of the product have been completely improved, this is also a large part of the development we have completed.

Q4:Can you talk about the circulation and value of OBEE?


Funds raised: 70% for Obee Network’s R&D expenses, 20% for publicity and promotion,

10% will be sealed as reserve funds.

Foundation reserves: In order to promote the prosperity and development of the ecology, Obee Network needs to constantly absorb excellent and fresh blood to join; at the same time, many important journey nodes to be reached by ObeeNetwork need more partners. This part is used to encourage important contributions to team members , And important business partners.

R&D team and early contributors: Obee Network R&D team provides technical support and has made great efforts to provide indispensable help for the construction and development of the project. Obee Network will use a reasonable share of OBEE as a return to contributors.

Ecological operation: Ecological operation tokens with 40% of OBEE tokens do not participate in the circulation, but give participants in the ObeeNetwork in the form of rewards to reward comments and original content.

Q5:What is the core value of ObeeNetwork?


In Obee Network, the following core values will be implemented consistently:

  1. Openness and transparency to ensure data security

  2. The content creator who owns the final ownership of the content

  3. Users of all platforms will get quantifiable benefits

  4. The platform’s incentives ensure fairness and justice

  5. A series of activities such as user releases, comments, and purchases of goods will calculate the rewards based on the user’s participation, related rules and formulas.

Q6: What protection mechanism does ObeeNetwork have for the security of the user system?


This is the top priority. Obee Network provides a complete account system, users can join the ObeeNetwork platform by registering via email.

Obee Network provides each user with a unique digital ID that proves their identity, and these data will be recorded on Obee Network’s blockchain network. When users enter ObeeNetwork with a unique identity, they can enjoy various rich social functions. When a user publishes a post, writes a blog, makes a purchase, watches a movie, all event information will eventually be mapped to the user’s unique digital identity. The modified results of personal information, user nickname, mailbox, country, birthday, etc. will also be associated with the user’s unique digital identity.

Q7:What are the special features or behaviors of the ObeeNetwork social platform?


Dynamic publishing: Obee Netowork supports the publishing of different types of media content: text, pictures, videos, music, voting, shopping, and even language. Will support more media content, including check-in, Q&A, etc. Dynamic can set all the dynamics in the station or the dynamics of interest.

Interactive function: The design of the interactive module enhances user communication. The modules include: follow, like, comment, share, and save chapters.

Follow: Users can follow other users on the homepage, and they can filter their favorite articles by following them.

Like: When users watch the content of the article in the station, they can like it according to their favorite content. You can also like it in the reposted content, and the data will be accumulated in the original article.

Comment: When browsing articles in the site, users can interact with content creators based on the content through comments.

Sharing: Support users to share content of interest to their fans. Obee Network supports sharing high-quality or interesting content to third-party platforms. ObeeNetwork supports sharing content to mainstream social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Telegram and so on.

Save Article: All articles browsed by users will be able to save and save articles in the menu bar.

Commodity market: You can publish your own idle products in the commodity market, filter all the products that may be of interest. Use the product to publish, purchase, and use the transaction records corresponding to the transaction information in the event will be mapped to the user’s Only the digital identity ID, and related records will be saved to Obee Network to centralize the network.

You can choose the product category, new and old, and supported payment methods for product release. You can search for products by using the search criteria such as distance and category to obtain products of interest. At the same time, Obee Network takes the first product that realizes the common use of blockchain social networking as its goal. Not only does it support the payment of related fiat currencies, but also the platform also opens the payment of cryptocurrencies.

Games, movies: Obee Network also opens the application games and movie functions. Any user can participate in games and watch movies at will. Obee Network will gradually improve the blockchain technology while launching a third-party game development interface. Any developer can provide various games to the community based on the development API provided by Obee Network.

Q8:How to get OBEE rewards, what kind of mechanism?


The Obee Network social platform uses an incentive mechanism. The Obee Network chain uses the NULS underlying module design and adopts a POC (proof of credit) consensus mechanism to allow users to participate in the maintenance of the main network and receive rewards.

One of Obee Network’s values: All contributors should receive quantifiable rewards, rewards for content creators, participation in promotion, and the maintenance of order with tokens. The reward will be completed through the contribution value and different calculation points model. The periodic settlement of the reward amount is related to the user interaction rules, etc., and everyone can get the reward.

Creation rewards: The rewards for original chapters issued by content producers are mainly owned by them, and the number of rewards will be related to the number of comments and likes.

Community operation: Community operation refers to content review, community operation, and participation in development.

The reward pool system will calculate the incentive distribution every 24 hours, and calculate the distribution according to the degree of participation, and distribute the reward tokens to the participants’ personal wallets.

Q9:What problems does the use of Obee Network products solve?


This will start from the positioning of Obee Network.

Obee Network positioning is the first social product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain social network. In terms of use, the users we want to serve are not limited to users in the blockchain industry. We want to cover users from all walks of life.

From our product design philosophy, Obee Network embeds many functional modules on social topics. In the commodity market, everyone can go to list their own idle products or filter the products they are interested in. In the news blog, Dake can also see exotic styles, a variety of wonderful recommended articles, and various articles that may be of interest to you. Among them, the content can be popular movies, educational sharing, economics and trade, documentaries, etc. Now the news There are still a lot of articles in the blog. It allows every user to create, share, comment and collect. In job search, you can find the right job based on your geographic location or desired position.

Q10:How can everyone use Obee Network?


There are indeed some for this, but if you carefully observe the blockchain + social project, there are still few products that can achieve a certain number of users. I have also been thinking about this issue for a long time. Why do some blockchain social products seem to have high technological breakthroughs, but they still cannot be used by a large number of users. I later concluded that there are just a few reasons, and some are commercial elements. Seriously, some of this is the original intention of product design, the mind is not in this product.

However, the orientation and direction of Obee Network is different from that of many blockchain social products. If you use it, you can observe Obee Network carefully to find that our social product function points are more complete than many other equivalent blockchain + social topics. There are news blogs on the top, you can Scroll through the topics you are interested in on news and blogs. You can also publish merchandise and trade in commodities. At the same time, you can also find or create your own groups and find movies of interest. The essence of these product function points comes from social, but it is superior to social, so our social is a section that makes social more perfect so that users can experience more wonderful social.

Q11:What are the latest trends and future plans of Obee Network?


In the past, what we do more is not only to allow people in the blockchain industry to use our social platform, but ordinary users will also quantitatively enter this social platform. In order to promote the circulation of OBEE, we will airdrop a part of the community supporters and product promoters of the early Obee Network ecological construction to commend them for the early ecological construction of Obee Network. Outstanding contribution.

Recently, we are also debugging the Android and iOS apps. Everyone should be able to see them in the past few days, and everyone is welcome to use them. We will give some good benefits.

The following is a wonderful screenshot of the shared social platform:

A few days ago we completed the upgrade of the social networking site, and now everyone should use the visual effects and the use of functional modules better. Here is a screenshot of the product, as well as the product will also be free for the user VIP and free for the media project party column. Interested friends are now more active on our social products, earning points, and then it is also a good choice to exchange points for everyone to OBEE.

The following are wonderful questions selected in this free question:

Li Ning: Users of social products come first, how does obee attract registered users and how to motivate users to create content?


Obee Network social platform has also opened the function of inviting users to register, but the related functions are still being debugged and not perfect. At this time, we have not vigorously promoted invitation registration, but interested friends can invite their friends through emails or links. Use Obee Network.

BiHaiWuYa:Why did OBEE choose nuls public chain ecology instead of other public chain ecology?


We all feel that NULS has a good reputation in the Chinese public chain, various technical teams, and is a very reliable partner.

阿尔法喵:How to effectively promote obee?


On the Obee Network social platform, a variety of mainstream currencies that are not limited to OBEE are circulated on OBEE, and users can use these mainstream currencies to participate in transactions.

Kelly:How to get OBEE tokens for free?


The best free access is to participate in Obee Network’s product use and community building, which is an absolutely good choice.

忘~无伤:When will OBEE be listed on which exchange? Is there any market value management plan between going online? How are the tokens in circulation distributed?


We will do a good job in market value management, but in the case of the exchange, due to various reasons of the confidentiality agreement, it will not be disclosed to the public without confirmation.

珊shan:The more tokens generated by social incentives, the more the circulation of the disk, so what about the currency price? Where does OBEE's economic model differ from others?


We will design a very complete mechanism to promote the circulation of OBEE, including the pledge of nodes on our main network, the circulation and destruction of social products, so as to increase the value of OBEE. This is also a problem that we have considered for a long time.

The above is the wonderful conversation of this AMA, thanks for reading this article

Obee Network official website:https://obee.top

Obee Network social networking site:https://www.obee.vip

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