Obee Network 项目进展(07.21-07.28)


Obee Network 官方网站

1)对Obee Network官方网站进行整体的翻新,目前我们的网站已经焕然一新了,全新的界面,不一样的感受,欢迎小伙伴们踩踩。


Obee Network Android版本

2)Obee Network Android 1.0.2版本,修复重大BUG,如点赞图片消失,动态图片无法显示等问题,即将上线,敬请期待。

Obee Network ios版本

3)Obee Network ios版本已完成基本功能的实现,进入系统测试阶段。


策划主题为社交网站和社交类产品的建议的征文活动,在Obee Network社交官网上发布小短文即可获取OBEE奖励。


Technological progress

Obee Network official website

1)The official website of Obee Network has been renovated as a whole. At present, our website has been completely renewed, with a brand-new interface and different feelings. Welcome friends to step on it.


2)Obee Network Android 1.0.2 version, fixes major bugs, such as the disappearance of like pictures, dynamic pictures cannot be displayed, etc., will be launched soon, so stay tuned.

3)The Obee Network ios version has completed the realization of basic functions and entered the system testing stage.

Market progress

Plan activities with the theme of social networking sites and social product recommendations, and publish short essays on the Obee Network social website to get OBEE rewards.

Obee Network 一款致力于普通用户进入区块链的产品。

Obee Network 官网: https://obee.top

Obee Network 社交官网: https://www.obee.vip

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