NULStars Program Ending Report from July 2020 to April 2021


The NULStar proposal received community approval on 2020-05-19 15:15, with a specified duration of 60 days, it should have officially ended on 2020-08-17 15:15. A program assessment report was not submitted by myself to formally close out the proposal prior to my taking 3 months leave of absence. The Node was decommissioned on 2020-09-17 12:44:02, so funds were no longer accrued to the NULStar budget. However, as there was budget remaining, we continued to nurture and reward the NULStars until the decision to formally resolve the proposal with this report.

Community Support

The predominate way NULStars were supporting their respective communities was through Telegram chat groups. There was minimum use of the NULS forum, only as a requirement to submit their monthly progress report. Twitter was used by a few NULStars to retweet some announcements, again it was probably used less than the NULS forum. Finally, Discord was basically unused throughout this time.

  1. Telegram Groups

The list of NULStars and some information about the NULS Telegram groups can be found here. *

  • Telegram groups were the most active form of community communication used by NULStars in their roles as admins and moderators for their respective chat channels.

  • Often support questions handled in their local languages

  • News announcements were reposted on their channels.

  1. NULS Forum

Twitter Retweets *

  • Some NULStars retweeted major announcements. This was not actively used by NULStars.
  1. Twitter

Twitter Retweets *

  • Some NULStars retweeted major announcements. This was not actively used by NULStars.
  1. Discord

Comments *

  • This was the least used and remains pretty much unused by NULStars and the community in general.

NULS Distributed Summary

  1. NULStar Node Details

  1. NULStar Wallet Address

  1. NULStar Financials & Budget

  • The total amount of 5,343.52 NULS was distributed from June 2020 to April 2021.
  1. 800 NULS in June 2020 (NULS price was $0.3953)
  2. 650 NULS in July 2020 (NULS price was $0.4337)
  3. 785 NULS in August 2020 (NULS price was $0.4337)
  4. 760 NULS in September 2020 (NULS price was $0.2784)
  5. 1602 NULS for October, November and December 2020
  6. 271 NULS in January 2021 (NULS price was $0.66659)
  7. 96.52 NULS in February 2021 (NULS price was $0.839)
  8. 121 NULS in March 2021 (NULS price was $1.44)
  9. 258 NULS in April 2021 (NULS price was $1.15)
  • We have approximately 30 Telgram Channels representing different languages and communities all over the world!

  • The current balance (as of 11/05/2021) is 8,238.21 NULS remaining, this will be transferred back into the Community Fund from where it originally came from once final distributions to NULStars for the month of April 2021 is reconciled.

  • All transaction history can be found here

Lessons Learned

Some learning taken from this experience,

  1. Most if not all NULStars and potential NULStars wanted a set salary for the role. This conflicted with the rewards for tasks completed structure. Which caused confusion about how much could be earned.
  2. Whilst the reward categories were outlined in a table, their clarification and interpretation needed constant explanation to NULStars and potential NULStars. This led to unclear incentivisation potential, which meant NULStars did not attempt to complete higher reward earning tasks beyond just monthly Telegram community administration.
  3. This was a predominately Western communication media platform. NULStars from weChat weren’t actively engaged.
  4. NULStars tasks overlapped with Ambassadors, community moderation and co-operation was challenging when Ambassadors already had their own Telegram channels and NULStars wanted to co-moderate and administer that channel as well.
  5. It seemed the incentives did not motivate our NULStars beyond Telegram administration. Whilst some pursued listings to Exchanges within their respective countries and introducing prospective projects into the NULS ecosystem, nothing eventuated from these leads.

Improvements to consider should a similar NULStar Proposal arise

Some suggestions on how we can make it more more effective should another such proposal like be raised again in the future,

  1. Consider a fixed salary for core community tasks, like Telegram or Discord Community Star.
  2. Break the proposal into separate individual proposals specific to a single simple task. For example, maybe a proposal to reward onboarding new projects to NULS POCM. A proposal to reward NULS listing on their local Exchange. A proposal to reward youtube videos about NULS are some examples that could be further explored.

Concluding Remarks

  • Appreciation, Thank You and Improvements Ahead

We greatly appreciate all the contributions that each NULStar has contributed to the awareness of NULS in their Telegram communities representing their countries and languages throughout the cold Crypto winter.

We value our community dearly and will continue to look at ways to reward and recognise the ongoing effort, support, and contribution from all that makes NULS stand above all others.


Thanks, Steven & Aurora

You have made important contributions to the work of NULStar.


Thanks Steven sir and Aurora ma’am.
It’s such a great work.
Also Thanks to the NULStar team.

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Thanks, Steven & Aurora

great report

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