NULStar Inaugral Plan for Indian Community

Hello everyone, I am from India and wanted to share the plan of action to the community as a possible NULStar moving forward.

I am involved with NULS since 2018 and quite active from 2019. I personally believe that NULS has a lot of potential which made me stick to it even during the brutal crypto winter. When many other projects died and many more failed to deliver their first blockchain, NULS delivered 2 blockchains during that period i.e.; from being an ETH token to NULS 1.0 and then upgrading to NULS 2.0. With this upgrade featuring an inbuilt micro-services infrastructure, the potential is just massive. In one YouTube video which I saw, someone compared it to the WORDPRESS of Blockchain, which particularly caught my attention and made me go down the NULS rabbit hole. Apart from that, continuous high ranking in CCID made NULS stand out for itself from its competitors and the recent investor trust from multiple investors and ongoing development of 2nd layer solution for cross-chain communication i.e.; Nerve Network is just too much for anyone to ignore NULS moving forward.

I, as a community member in NULS English community had a very good time learning the developments and sharing any issues with TG administrators (mostly I remember sharing minute details about Nabox with Joao) but I still felt the need of having an official telegram group for Indian community. Indian NULS community members are mostly distributed and not in the official English TG, some of whom I come across from time-to-time as they keep joining and leaving the group. Though most people involved with cryptocurrency in India tends to understand English but the recent surge in Indian members in the English TG and their lack of understanding in comprehending the answers provided to them is an indication of the need for an Indian telegram channel catering to Indian community. Apart from that, I have not seen NULS listed on any good exchange in India. NULS is listed in an Indian exchange “WAZIRX” which is not very popular here and hardly anyone use it, which can be observed (by people outside India) by their miniscule trading volume across all trading pairs. With the recent surge in market movements, more people here are discussing and talking about NULS in many Indian crypto related groups.

So, with the above mentioned background about myself and status of NULS in India, I would like to present my introductory plan of action as mentioned below:

1) Make and manage a telegram group catering to the needs of Indian community.

2) Grow the number of members in Indian telegram community to 100 to start with. Since, I do not believe in quantity over quality, the number of members who are really interested as investors or learning about the project is of concern to me and not filling the group with bots.

3) I would like to make a NULS India twitter account to share and spread the news. (I haven’t done so because I thought it is good to take the community/councilors approval rather than spamming twitter with multiple groups)

4) I have plan of approaching Indian crypto exchanges for possible listings. Mainly BITBNS and COINDCX, as they are the most popular exchanges in India right now.

5) Representing NULS on any crypto related event that may come up. (Crypto related events are on the rise in India in recent times)

From the above mentioned plan, I think I can do 1-3 without much help but for no.4 and no.5, I would like the community and councilors to provide guidance. For exchange listings, I can start the formal communication and then hand it over to the core members for further steps. For no.5, I must admit that I will be requiring a lot of help and guidance as I do not understand clearly the working behind the flagship NULS product ChainFactory/ChainBox.

This is going to be my approach moving forward.


you have my support! Whenever you need help, you can count on me. Keep up the good work !!


Thank you. I will surely be looking to learn from you. :smile: