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Hello everyone!I am very happy and excited to participate in the 3rd Anniversary Eco Cloud Summit of NULS.How happy and excited? It’s just like the feeling that NULS was suddenly rised 50%.


I feels so familiar with these WeChat avatars and nicknames in this group.There is a strong sense of belonging here. Although we have never met before, NULS connects us together.


One day in the coin industry, one year in the world.The year of 2017 is just like yesterday, but NULS is already three years old.


I remember that three years ago, NULS just proposed the concept of modularity, microservices, and multi-chain parallelism. I was deeply attracted by it.


I remember that three years ago, NULS just set the original intention to make the blockchain easier, and I was deeply attracted by it.


I also remember three years ago, when NULS had just established a free, open, autonomous, and evolved community autonomy culture, I was deeply attracted by it.



Over the past three years, NULS’s modular and microservices have successfully provided stable and reliable basic services for 100+ blockchain projects

I believe that more companies and projects will join the NULS ecosystem in the future.


NULS, it really makes the blockchain easier


The ChainFactory provides a graphical block chain deployment plan for the whole process, and can generate a public chain, consortium chain or private chain through configuration parameters in 10 minutes.SCO provides original community, media, fund and other resources for start-up projects.


NerveNetwork, provides cross-chain services for ecosystem projects, gives your Token wings, and shares the entire blockchain ecology.NerveDEX provides a highly efficient and super secure decentralized exchange for ecosystem projects.2 seconds block confirming speed, Let’s enjoy smooth trading experience.


Decentralized asset management only need to keep private keys, and can prevent all kinds of data from smashing and running away.NULS’s community governance is completely open and transparent. It is adhering to a free, open, autonomous, and evolved community governance culture.Every proposal is followed up by community member.Every vote is carefully voted by community members.


These data are saved on the block without modification. This is our historical testimony and our driving force.These achievements are the most exquisite birthday gifts NULS has given our community.


In the three years, we have witnessed a bull-bear transition. From one coin values millions to values little , these sites are vividly remembered.


We saw some projects starting up, attracting users, and at last collapsed.we saw so many ups and downs in the 3 years.

In such a stormy coin industry. NULS is like a rock, unwavering.Because NULS has its clear positioning and firm pace.

Follow its own direction always!Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

Starting from the third anniversary of NULS, we once again move forward firmly and firmly believe that if blockchain is the direction, then NULS must have a place in the future.


Happy birthday NULS!

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