NULS Western Marketing Team (Department)

Name: NULS Western Marketing Team (Department)

NULS Node(s) Proposal
April 28, 2022
This proposal is being written for the directors of the NULS West team to request for three (3) nodes to be set up with 500K NULS staked in each node. The purpose for these nodes will be to fund the NULS West marketing department. These funds will be utilized to hire a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for the marketing department to start assigning daily jobs to social media promoters, to fund data analyzing tools, to fund promotions or giveaways, help market for SCO projects, employ social media influencers, and any other action used to further marketing or social media in the West. This department will encompass all marketing and social media endeavors made by the NULS West team and will be directed by the heads of operations for the NULS West team. The team will be directly supervised by NULS west Team (Mario, Kathy, etc.)
Create a true marketing department: As it stands, the current model for adoption in the West does not include a department in which social media and marketing have the funds and employment to actively continue marketing for NULS. By setting up these nodes and putting a CMO and the heads of the NULS West team in charge, a true department for marketing would be created. Once this department is set into place, social media and marketing would be unified and governed with specific goals set by the operation leads from the West.
To create a sustainable model: These nodes will generate rewards that will fund the department in its entirety (from employment to funds used for marketing). All decisions will be run by several people and will report to Berzeck and Kathy to discuss the goals/outcomes. All goals and outcomes will be reported to NULS and made public to the NULS community members for review. This department welcomes and listens to all feedback from the NULS community. This model creates a structured department that promotes accountability, encourages communication between team members, and provides an outline for more effectively run departments in the West. This changes the current SMP (social media promoter) system to a new system that will allow for flexibility, scalability, and oversight on a daily basis.
Once the nodes have been set up, a CMO will be put into place along with a potential CMO assistant. The CMO and potential assistant will be entitled to ⅓ of generated rewards and ⅓ of incoming marketing funds from SCO projects or any other partners. This position will be 24/7 so there will not be a work schedule, but instead a schedule in which the CMO will be expected to perform duties regardless of weekends or timezones. The CMO will be expected to communicate with individuals across the globe.
SCO projects will supply a certain amount of their tokens in order to participate in these avenues for marketing their product/service. This system is being set into place in order to offer cheaper marketing solutions for SCO projects and with that, will be offering marketing expertise.
An application will be developed to replace the existing system in the future. This app will be developed to display work for social media and marketing purposes. Any individual who chooses to accept work will be paid per task. This means no individual will be locked into a contract. This work will be done at will. This workload will be divided into tiers by which more “reputable” influencers will have access to certain tasks first. After that, the work will be divided up among the individuals who choose to accept the tasks provided they are a good fit for the task they’re choosing.
All individuals who choose to accept a position or continue accepting positions will need to submit a progress report weekly. The CMO will then use these progress reports and write their own progress report to be handed to Berzeck for reporting to NULS.

Proposal is put up for vote
Vote goes live for 2 weeks
Pending the passing vote, nodes are set up by a member of the NULS team.
*All parties are aware that nodes require up to 90 days to begin generating rewards at the agreed upon rate

Problem(s) Solved:
By setting up these nodes and creating a structured marketing department, NULS will never be paying for work that isn’t being done. This system will allow for accountability by showing the work available and which individuals completed which task. It also allows a true team to be formed in order to more effectively run marketing in the West for the NULS blockchain. This structure will also allow for the West team to be scouting new talent and continue the relationship with social media promoters who are dedicated to their job and provide value.
In addition, this creates a hierarchy in which individuals and department heads will ultimately report to the head of Western operations (Berzeck) so that he and his team can track progress and make decisions based on the data that is being received.