Nuls Token swap

Hi Community,
I would like to swap my 238.23 Nuls that from the beginning are at Ethereum’s ERC20 contract.
Here is the transaction Hash 0xB91318F35Bdb262E9423Bc7c7c2A3A93DD93C92C

My erc20 address is 0xa215C49C2350BB6a885a678bDF8EbA870d00CC7a

My Nuls wallet address is NULSd6HghhyA5ZGBSSdJsqSzwEpWWALRXgpoz

Thank you everyone

Hi @matty72, pasting your proposal here:

Please send your ERC20 NULS tokens over to 0x53d4a0088e58750a7b8ea436d525471b3ee0717e

Once done, we will apply for NULS main net tokens to be sent to you from Community Fund.

Hi Juggernort all done thanks